The GAP Inspiration Model

Closing the GAP between where you are today and where you want to be now has a roadmap for success. Learn the method that is creating a positive environment of transformation and possibilities for millions of people. 

The GAP Inspiration Model is a unique approach that blends coaching, behavioral sciences, and motivational studies. The combined result is a new way to approach growth and fulfillment to achieve true inspiration. 


The pinnacle of the GAP model is the growth level. This is where you desire to be and where most of your growth is achieved. You will take your passion and focus it into inspiration. Growth requires the lower levels to be healthy and fulfilling. Otherwise any growth you do manage to achieve is limited and risks being undone. 

It is easy to jump into a growth stage. There are no prerequisites, no levels to unlock, no certificates to achieve first. That is the exact challenge and why growth is elusive and difficult to sustain. The challenges are made even more difficult with the vast number of really great methods and tools out there to encourage growth. 

There lies the challenge. Sustainable and valuable growth is only possible if you have developed strong association and preservation levels. Otherwise it is a flash in the pan.

For positive and long lasting growth you need the support of others, your associations. Whether it be family, friends, partners, or work colleagues; they help you develop or present hurdles to your journey. Your association level is where you take purpose and develop it into passion with the support of others. 

The human race has been built on social structures. Tribes turned into villages which grew into towns and developed into cities. We are at our best when we work together. Your personality dictates the type and even number of associations you need. Some people need a few strong social connections, where others may need layers of social connections. 

By developing associations that meet your personality needs and situations you can develop your purpose into passion. That will create the framework to help you continue onto growth, real growth that is sustainable and inspirational. 



Achieving growth and developing positive associations requires that basic needs are met. These are your preservations, the most basic personal needs. Stress, finances, safety, healthcare, etc, they all comprise those basic needs that make up your preservation level. 


To ensure a healthy foundation which you can build upon, it is critical to be honest with yourself. Ask important questions and make objective evaluations of how your stress is, what is your financial situation like, are you fulfilled in your relationship. By being honest and direct with yourself you can truly evaluate your preservation layer and what areas you need to improve. 

You, as many people do, may find being really honest at this level is hard. You may even find yourself making excuses or covering up the uncomfortable parts. That is normal and expected, it’s a protection mechanism. However, you must overcome that and allow yourself to deal with the opportunities for growth, otherwise your other levels will fail. 

We created the GAP Inspiration Model because we have seen the challenges people face in implementing truly great growth and motivational systems. While those systems are great and do a lot of good, people have a hard time maintaining them. We asked WHY? and started an 8-year journey to utilize the best science and leading theories to come up with a solution

Working on making yourself better is a noble and great journey. Most people start out with great intentions but fail at some point because they are starting out at the wrong point. It is like building a rocket to travel to Mars. The first step isn't selecting the color and interior options. The very first steps are to make sure you have the will and determination. Select the materials, launch location, partners to help you, etc. For you those first steps are to make sure you are building growth on a great foundation of preservation.

We built the GAP Inspiration Model with our own inspiration from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs ( We apply it to our coaching and we teach others to help make this world a better place with inspired people. A coach helps can help you objectively and honestly evaluate each level. They can accelerate your path, but a coach isn't required. You can do this yourself and it is our mission to help you with our model.