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"It is a critical priority that our clients are delighted by our coaching services. To that end we have crafted an intentional experience that is based on ease of use, customization and communication."
Tony Mickle
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Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot accept insurance as a form of payment. Since we are not registered therapists we are unable to accept insurance. We do offer flexible payment options. 

If you chose our Casual Coaching option, you are invoiced after each coaching session. If you chose the Elevation or Agile coaching packages you are invoiced at the start of the journey. All invoicing is processed through our partner Paypal. That gives you options on how and when you pay.

Absolutely, all coaching services can be customized to meet your needs, schedule and budget. Schedule a free discovery meeting to get more details and a proposal. 

For casual coaching we coach to that moment. Pricing is based on that focused scope of coaching. Elevation coaching is a journey and we spend time outside of our scheduled sessions to continue focusing on your journey through review and research. Pricing is based on that extended coaching focus and efforts. 

Our headquarters are in Houston, Texas. We have offices in Washington state and Chicago, Illinois. 

We certainly do. Coaching services are available remotely or can travel to your location if needed. 

India, China, Japan, United Kingdom and Germany are international areas we travel to regularly. Unfortunately it is difficult to coordinate schedules and logistics due to the number of clients we have. Your coach will do their best to make you aware when they are in town.  

Certainly, we work with many corporate finance teams and systems both large and small. Our client engagement team will work with your company to setup a customized invoicing process that conforms to your system requirements. 

Assessments depend on the coach, client, type of service and selected package. We do not require our coaches to administer any specific assessments because each coaching journey is different. However we will usually give the following assessments:

  • DiSC
  • Myers-Briggs 
  • 16Personalities
  • How To Fascinate
  • SWOT
  • EQ 2.0
  • Strengths Finder
  • GAP
  • Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE)
  • 360

*It is important to understand we are not therapists. Assessments are given in regards to coaching services and not meant, designed or inferred to diagnose, treat, identify, or prevent any medical or related condition. 

That is our Big Box coaching Advantage. Most coaches offer life or executive coaching. We offer Life, Work, Career and Business coaching. Those are the major areas that make up you! We have many clients that start their coaching journey with Life Coaching. The magic with coaching is that it accelerates your success. So that Life Coaching quickly turns into Career, then Work Coaching. That is our advantage, we can our clients through their journey and not just one aspect of it. 

Yes, we offer Executive Coaching as well as C-Level and Board coaching. Executive Coaching is branded as our Work Coaching. It is our goal to provide positive coaching to anyone that can benefit from it. So our Work Coaching covers executives, senior leadership, middle managers, front-line workers and anyone else. Work is just something you do to define the value your generate, your title doesn’t dictate your coaching label. 

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