Coaching engagement how you want. Simple easy effective!

Coaching in-person

Our coaches are available to be in person worldwide as needed. Local coaching can be an hour or several days. The choice is yours based on need and coaching purpose.

Coaching by Video

We have partnered with Google to provide you the experience of in-person coaching with the ease of a phone call. Google Meet is as easy as a click of your mouse.

Coaching by Phone

The easiest way to reach us is by phone. Your coach is available for a phone coaching session when you need them most. You even get a backup coach just in case.

Coaching by Texting

Our Agile coaching package offers the ability to text your coach for advise, coaching tips or anything you want. Have a personal coach at your fingertips whenever you need.

Coaching with video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become easier to use and is fast becoming the coaching method of choice for our clients. It’s simple, fast, and can be done anywhere at anytime. 

There are a lot of choices when it comes to video conferencing. Some of our clients prefer using a specific technology. For example, our executive clients may have a specific system in their office. We can work with any video conferencing technology to keep your options open and simplicity at a maximum. 

We have partnered with Google G-Suite to provide a super simple way to have video coaching sessions when and wherever you want. It really is super simple, just click a link that is emailed to you from your computer or smartphone. 

Frequently asked questions

For coaching sessions within 45 miles of a Big Box Coaching office, 12 hours lead time is required. For coaching sessions outside of that radius 1 day lead time is required. For coaching sessions outside the Continental United States, 3 days lead time is required.  

For coaching sessions outside of 100 miles of a Big Box Coaching office, travel costs are applied. Travel costs will be explained before the coaching session and will be itemized on the invoice. 

Coaching engagements are personalized however you need them. For example, some of our business clients request us to come to their corporate headquarters for several days of coaching. Local executives are coached in person and others that are worldwide are coached by video conferencing. This saves our clients costs, the choice is yours. 

Yes, unlimited coaching is offered as our Agile Coaching service. Yes, it is really unlimited. You have the ability to text or email your coach anytime, as much as you want. Your coach will respond to your coaching moment within 24 hours. You chose if you want to work with one coach or a team of coaches. Working with a team allows for much faster response times, but the choice is yours. 

We take your security very seriously. It is vitally important to us that you feel free and comfortable to share what is needed to get the maximum value from your coaching sessions. That is why we have partners with Google and their Enterprise G-Suite. We leverage Google’s security expertise and platforms to ensure your data is safe. Google meet uses advanced encryption to protect the meeting. That is further security by Google’s advanced security platform. Learn more from Google.

Unless otherwise requested by you, no coaching sessions are recorded either audio or video. We believe it is an unnecessary security risk to record coaching sessions. If requested we can record coaching sessions and store those in our secure client site. Our clients are allowed to record any coaching session they are part of. This is especially popular with our team coaching clients. 

Our clients say

"Using Google Meet with my life coach was easier then I thought. It was really just 1 click to get into my coaching session."
Gary V.
Life Coaching
"Running a small business is hard, time consuming work. I appreciate Big Box Coaching's agile coaching. I have a team of coaches ready anytime I need them, just a text away."
Hall R
Business Coaching
"I was skeptical about the video quality and if i would get any value from it. I was surprised at how well it worked and natural it felt."
Quintin A.
Career Coaching
"I have used every engagement style Big Box Coaching offers. I have been pleased with each coaching session and how customizable my options are."
Jeff L.
Work Coaching

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