GAP Model for Business Coaching

Achieving balance and inspiration is not limited to just individuals. The GAP Inspiration Model helps individuals achieve more with their work and also helps business leaders achieve more with their business. The preservation stage is where safety, financial security, strategy, and operations are. This is where purpose is created for your business. Purpose that will develop passion in your employees and business. The association stage is where you develop culture and the standard of interactions of your employees. It is a critical piece to ensure the positivity and future growth for your business and employees. The growth stage is where your business is ready to grow and transform. It is more then operational excellence or strategy improvements. It is where you take your business to a new level or correct a negative trajectory. 

GAP Coaching That Creates Business Purpose Passion Inspiration

The preservation stage in relation to your business represents the basic needs of your business and its employees. This is a people focused stage on things such as; financial, safety, health, security. This includes one of the most important aspects, a strategy. 

The goal of the preservation stage is to develop a purpose for your business in the eyes of your employees. What is it that brings fulfillment and makes them feel like they are contributing to their lives and with the business. 

The association stage in relation to your business represents all the social connections that create culture. From formal interactions like meetings to the most informal list instant messaging. They all have an impact on your association stage, positive and negative. 

The goal of the association layer is to build positive social interactions and partnerships. You want to build a positive social network that fuels a positive culture that develops inspiration in your employees.  

Your business, growth stage, is where you are ready to make business transformations. Creating sustainable business transformations are only successful when done with purpose. By building upon a foundation your business is ready to grow and inspire. 

The goal of the growth stage is to inspire your employees. Through that inspiration you can implement transformation, operational excellence, long term strategy. Or you can simply navigate troubled waters  or prepare for a possible storm

GAP Inspiration for Balance

The GAP Inspiration Model brings together the primary parts of who you are; Life, Work, Career, and Business. When developing a specific strategy for your business, focus on a combination of those parts. That creates holistic balance ensuring long term success, not short term change. It is our unique approach and your tool for achieving your Business Coaching goals. 

The GAP Inspiration Model brings in focus the various aspects of what creates happiness. Each area represents a part of your employees and each can have the GAP Inspiration model applied to it. When focusing on your business holistically you need to also bring the other areas into focus. Those areas directly support your business in ways that can enhance your progress or cause challenges if they are out of balance. When applying the GAP Inspiration model you focus on life and work, as those are the primary areas to support your employees growth. You apply all areas to ensure that growth is sustainable and balanced.

Coaching Focus Areas
Life Coaching - Bringing All Areas Together for a Holistic Focus
Career Coaching - Supporting Your Life Aspirations
Work Coaching - Supporting Your Need to Feel Valued
Business Coaching - Supporting Keeping You Focused

Business Coaching Experts

We are an active and proud member of the exclusive, invitation only, Forbes Coaching Council. Our business coaches are experts in their fields and maintain the highest levels of excellence. When selecting a Business Coach you want someone that has recognized experience. To be part of the Forbes Coaching Council you must be recognized by clients, other coaches and business experts as someone that operates with excellence.