Growth is the End Result of Inspiration

You have achieved a stable Preservation level and defined your purpose, or a good sense of direction. You have developed positive and supportive Associations that are fueling your passion. The first two levels are down, you feel good about them, now you are ready to begin true growth.

Growth is Inspiration wrapped in passion propelled by purpose. Growth is not a specific destination or thing on its own. Trying to jump directly to growth without working on your Preservation and Association levels results in frustration and future failure. For example, avoiding financial instability will cause it to eventually catch up to you. When it does, it will knock down any growth activities you have been working on. Your Preservation level; in this case, financial instability, will cause you to focus 100% on it. It will also cause stress and possible problems with your Associations.

It is critical that you build Growth on top of strong Preservation and Association level. That way you can focus on Growth to achieve long-term success.

Now that you are ready for Growth, what do you do? What action do you take? Where do you start? For these questions, you again can use the GAP Inspiration Model to help guide your journey.

Preservation Hard Skills. This is the first area you should look into for growth ideas. This level consists of things like; Organization (time management), budgeting, stress management (great time to learn meditation), healthy eating and related habits, family relationships, love life, career, etc.

Work on areas that you have opportunity to grow. You want to make sure that, whatever you work on, you are inspired and passionate about working on it. That can be challenging at the Preservation Level. This is where having a partner, coach, mentor, etc that can help you be inspired is a tremendous help.

Association Hard & Soft Skills. You should first focus on growing your Preservation level skills. If you are ready, working on Associations can be highly rewarding and fun. This is where you grow interpersonal skills, working with and around others. Communication, empathy, leadership, teamwork, team (group) organization (time management), and other skills related to working with others are all great growth opportunities.

Working on the growth of your Association level is a little easier then your Preservation level. However, do not be afraid to ask for assistance from a mentor, colleague, coach or your boss. Try to avoid asking for assistance from close friends our partners. They can provide biased feedback that may present a challenge for your growth at this level.

Growth is Inspiration Fuel. Most, if not all, of your growth, will be focused on the Preservation and Association levels. That is where most of your opportunities will be. Growth at the Growth Level is focused on long-term inspiration, and growth plans; such as, where are you going with your life. It is growth that fuels your inspiration to keep growing and should redefine your Preservation and Association levels. For example, if you want to become a CEO in 10 years, you need to map that journey that is your Growth level action. Then you need to redefine what skills you need to work on for your Preservation and Association levels.

Working on your long-term Growth journey should inspire your Purpose and Passion. That creates a positive growth cycle as Growth Fuels Inspiration which fuels growth.

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