Keep Your Head In The Game: How To Stay Focused At Work During The Holidays

Forbes Coaches Council

Forbes Coaches Council
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The hectic holiday season usually comes with plenty of distractions that can make it hard to focus at work. You may be dreaming of sugar plums and presents when you should be focusing on the task at hand. As difficult as it may be to focus on your responsibilities at work, you can make the most of the last few weeks of the year by keeping your tasks firmly set in your mind.

Below, 15 members of Forbes Coaches Council offer their best advice for staying focused and on-task at work during the busy holiday season. Here’s what they recommend:

9. Establish Positive Habits

The holidays are crazy, as the work and commitments are piled up. You need to create and maintain positive habits to manage the stress that will come from it. Plan your goals for November and December, be conservative and concentrate on the big rocks. Then, leave a lot of empty space in your planning to handle the upcoming unknowns. Be diligent, limit your commitments and be prepared for the rush. – Tony Mickle, Big Box Coaching

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