Are You Setting Expectations For Employees The ‘Right’ Way?

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Smart leaders know that each employee on their team is unique, and those leaders become adept at communicating with and leading each team member in the most effective way. However, there are some leadership basics — particularly around setting expectations — that every manager should follow, such as clearly defining goals and offering the right resources to help your team thrive.

With this in mind, we asked a panel of Forbes Coaches Council members about the “right” ways to set expectations with your employees — and why doing things differently might damage your team dynamic and hamper progress. Follow their advice to get the best out of your workers.

6. Set Both Foundational And Personal Expectations

There are foundational expectations that apply to everyone and everything. Those are your core values, and they need to be set clearly and early. Then there are personal expectations that are unique to the employee. They need to be set in partnership with the employee and in a way that meets their growth and goals. That way the employee owns the expectations and builds upon them. – Tony MickleBig Box Coaching

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