Are Incentives A Good Employee Motivator? 15 Coaching Experts Weigh In

Forbes Coaches Council

Forbes Coaches Council
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Motivation is often a hot topic in leadership, with everyone having their own ideas of what does and doesn’t work. When a motivating tactic works well, it can boost both short- and long-term productivity and morale. But when it doesn’t, it can backfire completely, leaving employees discouraged and underperforming—or worse, headed out the door.

One common motivation technique is the use of financial or material incentives. We asked 15 members of Forbes Coaches Council whether they believe incentives work, and why or why not. Their answers are below.

15. Motivation Is A Personal Journey

Determining what incentives work for certain employees is a key aspect of leadership. Financial incentives work for some, while others want training or growth incentives. Some employees even want incentives that allow for more time with family. The key is giving leadership options to choose the best incentives to motivate individual employees and teams. Motivation is a personal journey. – Tony MickleBig Box Coaching

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