15 Tips To Become A Proactive Business Problem-Solver

Forbes Coaches Council

Forbes Coaches Council
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While every business has problems, the solutions that you use to solve these issues is what really matters. As a working professional, it can be easy to react rather than prepare for the challenges your business faces. Having a plan in place that proactively takes the reins and addresses these problems can make a difference in how well equipped you are to handle and manage these situations without any interruption in your business’ operations.

Below, 15 members of Forbes Coaches Council share the best tips for planning ahead so that you are proactive rather than reactive when it comes to solving problems at work. Here’s what they recommend:

11. Stay Organized

Staying organized is key to being proactive and keeping things under control. Being organized is a delicate balance between managing your time and not being a slave to it. Develop an organizational system that works for you and fits your personal style. Then use it. Create “footballs” for projects and team engagements so you can dedicate time to proactive discussions and critical thinking. – Tony Mickle, Big Box Coaching

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