11 Ways To Recharge During The Holidays (And Still Tackle Your To-Do List)

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The holiday season has arrived, and while it may be called the most wonderful time of the year, it can sometimes feel impossible to find time to breathe. Between family gatherings, work parties, travel and business responsibilities, many professionals don’t get much of a chance to enjoy the season.

No matter how busy you are, though, your schedule shouldn’t stop you from celebrating. We asked a panel of Forbes Coaches Council experts how to balance your work priorities while still taking much-needed time off during the holidays. Their best answers are below.

  1. Map Out The Rest Of The Year

Holidays are a time of stress for many. It is also a time to recharge and refresh. Now that we are in the last month of the year, take time to map out the rest of your year. What major activities do you have at work and at home? Designate when you want to accomplish them and try to factor in holiday time around them. Try to leave December open as much as possible to focus on recharging. – Tony Mickle, Big Box Coaching

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