10 Leadership Tips For Playing To More Than Your Strengths

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Forbes Coaches Council
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A frequently repeated leadership tip is, “Play to your strengths.” It’s advice that’s not only a bit vague, but also misleading: Often leadership involves having to deal with situations we’re not accustomed to or that make us uncomfortable. And, like a lot of one-size-fits-all personal advice, “play to your strengths” doesn’t really give any useful information to go on.

Luckily, seasoned business coaches know how to provide guidance that’s not only helpful for any leader, but also gives practical insights to build from. To help you break away from the generality of “playing to your strengths,” 10 experts from Forbes Coaches Council provide practical leadership methods that can really help you grow professionally.

1. Create Opportunities Of Controlled Challenge

Strengths are easy for you; rely on them, but don’t miss opportunities to develop your other skills. Relying on just your strengths can hamper long-term growth as you face situations that challenge your strengths. Just like developing employees, you want to create situations of controlled challenge and failure. Take on situations that will challenge and develop skills that are not your strengths. – Tony MickleBig Box Coaching

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